Hello, Sentinel Campers!
I have just received an email from Betsy Henke at Moonridge (she's the lovely lady we all send our auction payments to when we use paypal *grin*)and the Sentinel Day Charity Event has been confirmed for Saturday, June 24th and yes, Garett has CONFIRMED. Start making your plans now, folks! :)
As usual, we will have our Annual Moonridge Online Auction and yes, I have the dates:
The auction will begin on Saturday, May 27th and run until Saturday, June 10th, which will give us two weeks to collect prior to the June 24th event.
We'll have some new procedures this year, but generally, everything will run much as it has in the past, with the auction site at: thefreeauction.Com
I will begin taking donations -- NOW! LOL! And of course, right through the auction itself. Oh, and yes, for those NOT able to attend the event itself, we will once again have Moonridge animals up for auction!!
Authors? This year, make it easier on yourself and try to offer up something already finished? I worry so much for all authors, what with RL and muses being so gosh darn picky! LOL! Also, this year, there will be NO "Your choice" stories in the same manner as in the past. All authors need to advertise exactly what they're willing to write or not write and are encouraged to be as specific as possible. Again, this is to make it easier on the authors -- which in turn -- guarantees a story for the winner.
I will be posting an official Auction email on Monday (after Superbowl Sunday -- I'm no fool! LOL) and it will have all necessary details. In the meantime, start nudging your favorite authors -- hit up some old timers who haven't posted a TS story in a while -- your favorite artists, the works. Check those closets for goodies to donate!
And for those attending Moonridge -- I can tell you now that we will be having a VERY special presentation to Garett that you will NOT want to miss. :)