Senad Mail Reception Options

Last updated on January 07, 2006

Note: No matter what your reception option is set to, you'll still be able to post to the list.

THIS IS THE DEFAULT MODE FOR SENAD SUBSCRIPTIONS. Each post to the list is sent as an individual email in txt/plain format. Any mails sent in html format will be converted to txt/plain format.

Instead of receiving mail from the list in a normal manner, the subscriber will periodically receive it in a Digest. The Digest is one long e-mail that contains all the messages that were sent to SENAD that day. So you won't get 75 loose messages, you'll get one big DIGEST.
Digest - Plain Text is the suggested reciept mode. You will get all posts in one plain text mail, rather than any HTML coding

This option provides a "table of contents" of the messages that were sent to SENAD that day, with links to the messages in the SENAD web archive. Members can click on the links to read the message on the web archive.

* If you find that neither Digest nor Summary works for you, write to Tamy ( and ask to be put on the special Senad Digest list. The Senad Digest list periodically provides cleaned-up versions of the Digest. *

This mode is used when a subscriber no longer wishes to receive mail from the list, but nevertheless wishes to retain the possibility of posting to the list. Prevents the hassle of unsubbing and resubbing if you wish not to receive list mail for a temporary period. This is ideal for vactions, or when mail gets to be to much.

These options can be changed through the Web Interface ( by clicking on the "Subscriber Options" link.

Or you can send an email from your subbed account to:
with the line:
           set senad [option]
where [option] is one of the following values:

If you need any help with changing these settings, send a note to: