Senad List Policy

Last updated on January 07, 2006

Up-to-date list information is available at:

This list is for Sentinel adult discussion, and is primarily intended for slash (m/m) talk; there is a different list called SXF for fiction. For information about SXF, contact Ann (

If you have any questions regarding anything having to do with senad, contact The Admins (

-What can you post?-
Anything Sentinel-related and adult (most of our talk is slashy -- male/male topics). Announcements about zine sales, fan cons, webpage updates, fanfic postings, current projects and public appearances of TS actors, and other such information that may be of interest to TS fans are welcome. We cannot allow discussion of the actors in relation to any of their sexual preferences or activities. (It's absolutely the fastest way to get the studio to shut us down.) Other than that, though, we're a very accepting group -- the only thing we forbid is flaming -- making personal attacks on people. You can and will be unsubbed for making personal attacks. There are lots of ways to disagree with someone without being mean.

While SENAD is not intended to be a forum for detailed discussion of fanfic, fanfic is such a big part of fandom that it is only natural that some talk of fanfic -- recommendations, favorite authors / stories, etc. -- will be part of onlist discussion. However, when talking about fanfic, please remember that the author of the story put time and effort into it, and that comments about stories are likely to affect people on a very personal level. This is especially true when naming specific stories and/or individual authors. A good rule of thumb is to ask yourself if what you are about to say is something you would say directly to the author. Please keep this in mind even if you know the author is not a member of SENAD.

-List Courtesy-
Posts sent to this list should be treated as private e-mail, and should not be sent to others outside of the list. This is basic internet behavior, and you will be unsubbed for violating the privacy of those who post here. Also, private email is *private*. Don't forward anything to the list admin or to the list unless you have specific permission from the person who sent it.

If you want to mention other TV shows, movies, books, etc, in relation to The Sentinel, please include a spoiler space and warning for people who may not have seen / read them yet. Remember that warnings alone are insufficient for people who have email programs that automatically open the email when they click on a header. Spoiler space is a must.

-Format of Posts-
All posts to SENAD should be under 20k. If anything is longer than 20k (for instance, you start writing a story intended to be an ObSenad, and it becomes longer than you planned), please consider other means of disseminating it than posting to SENAD.

Attached files can crash people's systems -- this includes forwarded emails, short snippets, pictures... ANY attached file. So, don't post that way. Ever. If you find something wonderful you'd like to share with the list -- a photo, fun videotape labels, whatever -- make an announcement to the list, don't attach it. And check your e-mail program's setting to be sure that it's not automatically attaching something for you, or converting forwarded emails into attachments.
Senad does have webspace - kindly supplied and supported by Walter - if you have a vid, photo, etc, and wish to share it, contact Tamy about free upload space.

Note that the mailing list software will be adding "SENAD:" to the beginning of your subject line. Keeping subject lines (headers) to 36 characters will ensure that people's software will display the whole thing.

Subject lines should reflect the contents of the post. If you're responding to an ongoing thread, please take a moment to consider whether the topic of your post still matches the subject line. In addition, all short fiction and recs should be clearly marked as such in the subject line. If you are responding to an existing thread with fiction (for instance, you are posting an obsenad inspired by somebody else's snippet, and a lot of people have been posting their responses to the original snippet), then please make sure to change the subject line.

Cross-posting refers to posting a message to more than one mailing list at the same time by putting the addresses of multiple lists in the "To" and "CC" fields.

If you have an idea, question or announcement that you think will be of interest to more than one list, it's fine to cross-post to SENAD. (Please make sure that all the lists you are including in the cross-post allow it, also.) However, we ask that fiction not be cross-posted to SENAD, since SENAD is a discussion list, not a forum for publishing finished works of fiction.

-Fiction on SENAD-
Some people post short fiction to the list, feeling that it's not a 'real' story, so doesn't belong on SXF. We'll roll with this, as long as people remember to put the relevant warnings on anything that needs it! (Most important: death or rape stories) As always, the fiction belongs to the author, and should not be used, archived, or forwarded without the specific permission of the author.

Another time that people post short fiction to SENAD is in the case of the ObSenad -- Obligatory Senad content. This happens when someone posts, for example, a request for info on a show that is not The Sentinel. At this point, the person might write a short snippet or dialogue about Jim telling Blair how sexy the star of above-sought tv show is. An ObSenad is optional, but fun, and encouraged if you feel the need to post anything off-topic, or in the case of accidentally replying to the whole list instead of privately, things like that. Do realize, though, that writing an ObSenad won't relieve the burden of obeying the rules of the list. It's not a 'get out of jail free' card (like in the game Monopoly). Members are expected to exercise discretion with OT posts. If you're not sure whether a topic is OT or not, please ask The Admins they'll be happy to clarify.